A walkway is not simply a path from point A to point B but an essential element of design and flow within the landscape.  It can transform a steep path into custom stone steps or add definition and texture to an existing footpath.

Any of the stone listed in the PATIOS page can be used for walkways as well. Listed below are some other common types of stone and pavers used for walkways.

Set in Soil provides free estimates for stone installation. Please contact us for more information.

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PATH-irreg blue tumbled

All other bluestone and slate (listed in the patios page) can also be used for any walkway as well as various types of flagging stone.

Many different types of stone can be used for stepping stone walks as well. Please contact us to inquire about different types of stepping stones.


Techo Bloc offers a wide range of quality manufactured concrete products for the landscape. Below are a few examples of styles and colors of their manufactured paving stone. Please contact us for more information about installing Techo Bloc products.

PATH teco bloc examples

All of the manufactured stone product listed in the patios page can also be used for any walkway.


Steps can be incorporated into a walkway in many different forms. Most often, steps are laid of stone treads and built up with wall stone. Most of the stone listed in the walls page can be used to build up steps within a path. Treads are available in many different types of natural and manufactured stone. Please contact us for more information regarding walkways with steps.

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